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Seige in Chains by berserktears Seige in Chains by berserktears
Valentine's request from :iconpaynewolfdemon:.
Sorry for the bad quality, may upload a straightened out pic later. I had to fold it because I forgot my back pack when I drew this and put it in my pocket for to walk home from school. x.x
Anywho, I do not know if this is considered full bondage and therefore I do not know if this should have a warning label on it..
Please tell me if you think I should put a warning up.
I don't want to get keeled by DA. >>

Seige (c) Mine
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Paynewolfdemon Jan 30, 2008  Student Artist
Jail bait should be happy this picture be smexy
Theincrediblemiracle Jan 30, 2008
Looks good
I like it anyway. Nice work!
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